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Donald Davis bio - work - archive

Born in 1950, Reedley, California

1972 B. F. A., Rhode Island School of Design

1996 Kimball Art Center, Park City, Utah
1994 Reynolds Gallery, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA
1991 John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1987 Wenger Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1986 John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1986 DesignSource, Santa Barbara, CA
1983 John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1982 Meredith Niles Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
1982 Janus Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1981 John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1980 Meredith Niles Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
1979 John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1977 Bradley Galleries, Santa Barbara, CA
1975 Bradley Galleries, Santa Barbara, CA


1998 North American Sculpture Exhibition, Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado
1998 "5 Sculptors", John Pence Gallery, San Francisco
1997 Santa Barbara Sculpture Symposium, Atkinson Gallery
1997 Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA
1997 Wilcock Gallery, Minneapolis, MINN
1997 Douglas S. Cramer Foundation, Santa Ynez, CA
1993 Karpeles Manuscript Library, Santa Barbara, CA
1991 "In Public", Ventura County Arts Council, Ventura, CA
1988 Santa Barbara Arts Festival, CA
1987 Los Angeles International Art Fair, CA
1986 Los Angeles International Art Fair, CA
1985 Inaugural Exhibition, San Bernardino Central Library Gallery, CA
1984 "Scultura '84", Syntex Corporation Gallery, Palo Alto, CA
1980 Santa Barbara Arts Festival, CA
1980 Friends Gallery, Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, MINN
1978 Santa Barbara Arts Festival, CA

2002 Santa Barbara, CA - commissioned to create a sculptural seating form located at shuttle bus stop, 600 block of State Street for the City of Santa Barbara
1988 Los Altos, CA - selected to exhibit a large scale outdoor sculpture in Lincoln Park for a two year duration
1984 San Bernardino, CA - commissioned to execute a large scale outdoor marble and granite sculpture for the County Government Center

I have lived most of my life within site of mountains or the sea- where the major principles of nature are forefront, very evident and impressive. I’m intrigued how, in these settings, geometry is universal and how the spiral, the sphere, symmetry and directional axes underpin diverse, chaotic worlds.


For me, encountering a Sierra Nevada canyon cut by glacier, or nearby cliffs eroded by the rythmic Pacific surf are indelible experiences.

Concurrently, I’m fascinated with the influence nature has on man’s approach to fashioning things for living, surviving and collaborating with the elements. For example, boat hulls and sails, architectural forms, simple hand tools, and bridges all are forms that I find beautiful for the way in which they are designed to work, at times imitating nature in order to function well within nature.

I have often noticed that the experience, the way I feel for example, in the narrow, medieval streets of an Italian cityscape, perhaps coming upon a beautifully structured stone buttress can elicit a feeling much like standing at the base of sheer cliffs, or some other off- trail mountain adventure.

I am interested in the continuities, parallels and intersections of these realms, the juxtaposition of natural forms with man made forms, the way systems overlap and influence each other. My work attempts to illuminate and reconcile ideas that I find mysterious and interwoven - each sculpture an attempt to consolidate a response.

Donald Davis
March, 2006