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Khang Pham-New

"Infinity" red granite, permanent collection of Broken Arrow Public Schools Performing Arts Center, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Born, 1968 in SOUTH VIETNAM


Ontario College of Art, Toronto, CANADA 1987-1991

Sculpture/Installation major

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2008 Installation of granite sculpture, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont, California, USA

2008 New works in granite, Glenn Green Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

2007 “Khang Pham-New” Recent Sculpture

Glenn Green Galleries, Tesuque/Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA

2006-7 Christies OutdoorSculpture Biennale, Vancouver, CANADA

2005 Toronto Art Fair, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

1998 “In Search of Life”, Sculptor’s

Society of Canada Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2008 “42nd Year Anniversary Group Exhibition”

Glenn Green Galleries, Tesuque/Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

1997 Bau Xi, in Celebration of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“East Meets West, WE Artist Group Exhibition”
John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“The Festival of Vietnamese Arts”, The Community Gallery at Harborfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“Sculptor’s Society of Canada Member Exhibition”, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

1996 Sculptor’s Society of Canada Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

1995 Grimsby Public Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Vietnamese Arts Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“The Vietnamese Community in Toronto: 20 Years of Achievement and Development, The Rotunda of Toronto City Hall, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

1994 Vietnamese-Canadian Art Group Place, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Khang Pham-New has received many awards for his work and has appeared on television, film and on radio programs

He is a member of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada and has been the President of the Vietnamese-Canadian Art Group in Toronto.


Valliance Bank, McKinney, Texas

Performing Arts Center, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Claremont, California

Pinedale Estates, Toronto, Canada

Khang Pham was born in war-torn South Vietnam in 1968, the year of the Têt offensive. At the age of 12, together with two of his uncles he joined the exodus of “boat people” in search of a new life. Arriving in a refugee camp in Malaysia, he was separated from his uncles, ultimately to be adopted by an Australian family living in Canada. John New, a professor of European history, his wife Debbie, and their family of eight children (including Khang) were strongly supportive of Khang’s love of art.

As early as high school, Khang’s artistic talents started to flourish. With the support of Barry McCarthy, his high school art teacher, (now an acclaimed Canadian painter), an art project revealed to Khang that the medium of sculpture could help him express himself both emotionally and artistically.

Khang Pham-New studied at the Ontario College of Art where he majored in sculpture installation. Amongst other venues, Khang has exhibited throughout Toronto at the John B. Aird Gallery, the Queens Quay II Gallery, The Sculptor’s Society of Canada, and at the Pinedale Estates, a private sculpture garden north of Toronto. In 2005, three of Khang’s works were selected to exhibit in the prestigious Vancouver Sculpture Biennale.

After almost 20 years, in October 1999, Khang travelled back to Vietnam to be reunited with his birth parents. In his continuing voyage of self-discovery, he began a process of reconnecting with his birth country and culture.

In early 2001 Khang built a studio at the base of a mountain near the ocean-side city of Nha Trang. In 2004 Khang moved this studio to Viet Nam, where most of the rock that he carves is quarried.

Khang currently makes his home in Canada and in Vietnam.

An Artist’s Statement

My childhood experience in the Vietnam War has, paradoxically, become a driving force in my artistic creations. Escaping from the war-ravaged small village in Vietnam at age twelve, my consequent voyage with other “boat people” started my life journey for love in a more humane world.

I am impassioned with biomorphic abstract forms. As an artist I am aware of and respect the (art) movements of my time, but to create I remove myself from the influences of the time and retreat into a private space where I can experiment and explore possibilities of each phase of my inner life.

I continue to search for an organic fusion between my creative ideas and the abstract form. If such a fusion exists, or a moment of visualizing such fusion is possible, I know it only exists in the long journey ahead.

When sculpting, I employ abstract sculpture language to explore human relationships, which to me, are the origin of life. Lines, especially curved lines, fascinate me; they seem to have the capacity for embracing all other lines; forming various shapes. Curved lines are also metaphors, they represent the feminine power in the universe, the nourishing and generating force of all lives. Joining curved lines with other lines, I have created the sacred bond between Mother and her children, compassionate love among human beings, intensive love between lovers, cyclical movements in nature.

Many of my sculptures express the self-contained cosmos in its cycle of exhaustion and regeneration. In other pieces I have combined forms in a way that is expressive of relationships between living beings. It is not enough for me that a work of art be beautiful or express emotion: I want my pieces to carry each viewer beyond sensation, into realms of contemplation.

Khang Pham-New