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Artists' Statement:

I paint to tell people the importance of Inochi To Heiwa or Life and Peace. My honorable professor, Furukido Masaru once told me: ”Yoshida, don’t take up a rifle”, take up painting!” During the Pacific War, Mr. Furukido refused to
take up arms and spent the rest of his life instructing others in the Pacifist cause. 

Against his will I became a soldier. I spend days in meditation on Life and Death, witnessing the death of many of my companions and civilians. After the war, I was still alive, and, when I thought about how I should live and what I should do, the lesson my professor once gave me came back to me.

What people consider most important is Life and Peace. The most horrible act that destroys them is war. War should not exist. The only way to build Peace and to give importance to Life consists in giving people mutual confidence to
discuss these two values and to try to make them become real. I understood the teaching of my master: “Yoshida don’t take up a rifle, take up painting” as my own
mission from the gods, given to me at the same time as life.

Every morning and every evening I express my gratitude for still being healthy today at the age of 83, and I reflect on my own insufficiencies with remorse, praying for the souls of victims that wars produce all around the world.  According to my professor’s words, I want to transmit my ideas though my painting, as best I can. Life brightens the most when Peace occurs. Peace is supreme beauty.

Kenji Yoshida 2007
Translated by Junko Abe

Yoshida has had numerous solo exhibitions in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States and is represented in many prestigious collections around the world.

Selected Exhibitions


LA Art Show, Glenn Green Galleries


The Phoenician Resort, Glenn Green Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona


Chateau de Blois, Blois, France


Large standing octagonal installation, Sei-mei, in Christ Church Cathedral, ...Dublin; Norwich Cathedral         
Canterbury Cathedral as part of the Festival of Canterbury.


Park Tower Hall, Tokyo, Japan


"Maya Series", Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, touring to five cities in Mexico.


Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City, Mexico


Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City.
"Ancient Japan and the Maya"

February 20-April 20, 1997.
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The British Royal Museum, London
International Contemporary Art Ltd., London
Glenn Green Galleries, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Galeria Sephra, Madrid


Glenn Green Galleries, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
First living artist to be given a solo exhibition at the New Japanese Galleries of the ...British Museum.
The October Gallery, London


International Art Fair, Chicago, USA (w.Galeria Venzor)
Boulev'art Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland
"25 Years of Atelier du Nord" Hovikodden Kunstsententer, Oslo


Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
Chateau Soenderbord, Denmark
The October Gallery, London
Invite au 6, Salon d'Automne de Thorigny-sur-Marne, France


Galerie Bernard Letu, Geneva, Switzerland (w/Rikizo)
Galleri JdeV, Malmo, Sweden


F.I.A.C., Paris (w/Galerie Galise)


Galerie Galise, Thonon, France


Galerie Galise, Thonon, France


Galerie Galise, Thonon, France


Art-Houre Gallery, Tokyo
Beni Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
Taiken Gallery, Osaka, Japan


Galerie Alma, Lyon, France
L'Ecole de France, Geneva, Switzerland


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The works of Kenji Yoshida may be seen at:
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